Jordan – Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Syrian conflict, which started as an uprising against the government of President Bashar Al-Assad, started in March 2011 and has led to over two million Syrians fleeing their country.

The devastating impact on everyday Syrians can be seen most visually in the harsh desert refugee camp of Za’atari. Now hosting up to 120,000 people, it’s the second biggest refugee camp in the world and within just two years it’s become the fourth biggest centre of population in Jordan.

Whilst Za’atari camp may be the most reported on aspect of the Syrian refugee crisis, the vast majority of refugees who have fled to Jordan try and survive in the urban concrete jungle of Amman and neighboring cities.

The situation escalated in 2013 with thousands of people a day crossing the border into Jordan.

Pictures shot on assignment for Act for Peace for the Syrian Refugee Crisis appeal.