Ethiopia – Urban Refugee Care

Ethiopia has now become the largest refugee hosting country in Africa with over 630,000 refugees seeking shelter.

Most are fleeing the civil war in South Sudan and the repressive regime in Eritrea that has open ended forced military conscription and reports of gross human rights violations. They join the hundreds of thousands of Somalis, many who fled the war there decades ago.

This is putting a huge strain on the already delicate health care system in Ethiopia, which only has one major public hospital capable of treating complex medical procedures.

With just one doctor in each camp for over 10,000 people, only the most basic primary health care can be provided so the more complex situations need to be referred to Addis.

The Urban Refugee Program, run by Act for Peace partners DICAC, works with the government to help care for refugees and their families to survive in Addis whilst they access treatment. The assist with paying medical expenses, provide emergency transport, supplementary dietary requirements and housing. Medical conditions range from conflict trauma to cancer and the need for kidney dialysis.

Pictures and Video shot on assignment for Act for Peace.