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My Saving Grace is a storytelling website that highlights ‘The Link’ between Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse. Almost half the victims in a domestic violence situation say they delay leaving due to fears for their pets’ safety, as well as their own. This is just one element of the link between domestic violence and animal abuse shown through My Saving Grace, a multimedia website bringing together accounts from people with first-hand experience.

Statistics on domestic violence and animal abuse

  • 63 per cent of Australians own pets. This is about 4.2 million dogs and 3.3 million cats.
  • Pets are often abused in domestic violence disputes, with 70 per cent of women reporting on domestic violence stating that their pets were also threatened, harmed or killed.
  • The most common forms of abuse towards pets are kicking (61 per cent), punching and throwing.
  • 48 per cent of women are too afraid to leave their abuser out of fear for their pet(s).
  • Children who witness animal abuse more likely to replicate it themselves later in life.
  • Very few shelters are willing to accept both families and their pets.