Nepal – Laxmi’s Story

Laxmi (16) lives with her mother and siblings in one of the most remote and least developed districts in Western Nepal.

Tragedy struck after her father died when she was 10 years old. Laxmi was devasted. She used to love going to school but for the first time, she stopped attending her classes.

With the encouragement of her mother and fellow students at the school’s Child’s Club, she was convinced to return.

The Child’s Club supports students to develop their speaking, writing and leadership skills through extracurricular activities.

Laxmi excelled in her studies and became the leader of the Child’s Club. Now Laxmi has graduated from high school and is studying to become a civil engineer. She continues to be involved in the Child’s Club, serving as an advisor, and mentoring the next generation of young leaders at her old school.

“I have to show them what I did with my talent. How I changed. Teach them what they can do. I want them to learn from the things I did,” Laxmi said.

Pictures and Video shot on assignment for Caritas Australia