Ethiopia – Urban Refugee Care

This video was shot for the Act for Peace Ethiopia appeal.

Ethiopia has now become the largest refugee hosting country in Africa with over 630,000 refugees seeking shelter.

This is putting a huge strain on the already delicate health care system in Ethiopia, which only has one major public hospital capable of treating complex medical procedures.

Tekeste, a 10 year old boy, fled Eritrea with his family and was already suffering from a large tumour in his eye. Going blind and unable to go to school or play, he was selected to receive life saving surgery in Addis Ababa. Tekeste and his father are now being looked after in the Urban Refugee Program whilst he recovers.

The Urban Refugee Program, run by Act for Peace partners DICAC, works with the government to help care for refugees and their families to survive in Addis whilst they access treatment.

Pictures and Video shot on assignment for Act for Peace.