Australia – Djilpin Arts


A Wagilak woman, Janice (44) is a traditional dancer who tells stories through movements handed down over generations.

Janice lives in the remote community of Beswick, also known as Wugularr, on Jawoyn country in Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory, Australia. Like many remote communities in the Northern Territory, Janice’s faces a range of challenges – low employment and education, financial hardship, poorer health and lower life expectancy.

Djilpin Arts provides employment and training for young people, a place for elders to pass on traditional knowledge, an art museum and authentic cultural experiences for tourists.

Janice feels strongly about the important part that Djilpin Arts plays in keeping culture alive and strong in the community. With many elders now gone, new leaders are required to maintain a connection to culture and bond the community together.

Janice has been a Djilpin Arts worker since 2015, performing traditional dances, as a tour guide in the museum and an arts worker producing a range of designs for print and textiles.

Pictures and Video shot on assignment for Caritas Australia.