Nepal – Laxmi’s Story

After losing her father at a young age, Laxmi was at risk of falling further into extreme poverty. But with the encouragement of her Child's Club, she returned to school, became a leader in her club and is now a mentor to other girls in her village.

Australia – Djilpin Arts

Janice lives in the remote community of Beswick in the Northern Territory, Australia. As a Djilpin Arts worker, performing traditional dances and producing art, Janice is keeping her culture alive.

Philippines – Tribal Health Worker

Overcoming discrimination, Shirley, an indigenous Manide woman from the Philippines, becomes a tribal health worker and leader in her community.

Cambodia – Phany’s Story

Struggling to earn a living as a farmer, Phany was forced to work in construction. After learning new farming techniques she is now reunited with her daughter.

Australia – Red Dust Healing

Making mistakes and growing up in a tough environment, Barry embodies resilience and strength through the help of Red Dust Healing.

ZIMBABWE – Thandolwayo

Thandolwayo would walk seven kilometres each day to collect contaminated water. Now a water pump has been installed she can continue her dreams of becoming a nurse.

Thailand – Bangkok Coffee Cop

Corporal Naratip Bunhanbud has been a traffic policeman in Bangkok for the past three years but his heart remains in his home town, working in his families coffee shop.

Jordan – Bayan’s Story

Bayan is a 12-year-old Syrian girl, living with her family in Jordan. She struggled to overcome the trauma of growing up in a conflict zone but now, Bayan is an academic high-achiever, flourishing in a stable school environment.

Laos – Hum Noy

Since attending the Intellectual Disabilities Unit in Vientiane, Hum Noy (8), who has Down Syndrome, is now able to communicate with his family and friends and live a more active life.

Ethiopia – South Sudanese Refugees

Campaign video for the Act for Peace Christmas Bowl 2015 appeal focusing on improving water and sanitation facilities for South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia.