Overdue update..!

Once again it’s been some time since posting anything so a very quick update…!

There have been a few Annual Reports and magazines that have recently been published featuring work I’ve been doing so thought I’d post them here. At the top is also a film I shot in Bangladesh.

I’m on assignment for the next month so when I return I’m hoping to update my website with the full Bangladesh story and some more recent assignments and films that I’ve made…

Nipa’s story: Her own boss from Richard Wainwright on Vimeo.


Plan Australia

Plan Australia Global Child front cover featuring Nipa as part of a story on female entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.


Caritas Australia Annual Report front cover

Caritas Australia Annual Report front cover featuring Esther from Malawi as part of a community farming program.

Plan Australia Global Child Magazine front cover

Plan Australia Global Child Magazine front cover featuring Samuon from Cambodia who is part of the Right to Food campaign

Act for Peace from Somali refugee camp in Ethiopia

Act for Peace magazine front cover with Somali girls from Sheder refugee camp in Ethiopia,


Samuan again

Samuan on the front page of the Plan Australia Annual Report.

To see the full reports just click on the links below:-