Northern Uganda

A mother and child in the village of Luzira in Northern Uganda. The village was abandoned and people fled mostly to Patongo IDP Camp nearby following attacks by the LRA. They stared to resettle back in Luzira from 2007.

For the past two decades the people of Northern Uganda have suffered brutal conflict between the armed militia The Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan Army. Started in 1987, the LRA claimed to fight against the government for the neglect of the Acholi people but quickly lost all support when they started abducting children as fighters, porters and sex slaves. Tens of thousands of young men and woman have been abducted over the years with many thousands killed. Over 1.8 million people were also forced to flee their homes and live in refugee camps. Northern Uganda is now recovering after the LRA left in 2006 and moved onto the DRC and Sudan.

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