Educar Es Fiesta

Raymundo Ramos (22) has been with Educar es Fiesta, a circus school based in Cochabamba, Bolivia since the age of 9. Here he is taeching children acting and circus skills on the roof of Wasy Tukuypaj.

The Educar es Fiesta centre called Wasy Tukuypaj which means ‘House of All’ in local Quecha language in San Francisco area of Ushpa Ushpa. The town of 50,000 people has a large migrant population so many of the children have never grown up with their parents. They located here due to the high number of parentless children.

Educar es Fiesta which means Education is Celebration is a circus school based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Its primary role is to assist children at risk though the prevention of violence against children. It runs circus and art classes and education lessons for children aged 8-16. They also work with parents and teachers informing them about child rights. Over 1,500 children have participated in the program since 1999.

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