Ethiopia Urban Refugee Medical Program

Natnael (10) a refugee and DICAC medical referral patient from Eritrea with his father Tame Abraha outside the main DICAC office in Addis Ababa.

Natnael had a tumor in his left eye which left untreated would have killed him. After fleeing Eritrea with his family, he spent 2 years in a refugee camp on the border of Eritrea. He has been in Addis on a medical referral for 5 years where he lives with his father Tame Abraha. His mother is still in the camp looking after their 3 daughters. He occasionally gets to see her.

He had a successful operation to remove the tumor in Black Lion Hospital and is still receiving rehabilitative treatment. He has lost the sight in his left eye but his right eye has regained full use. Before, the tumor used to badly affect vision in both eyes. He is now able to go to school.

He said, ‘Before the operation it was difficult to play because I couldn’t see. Now my eye is better and I feel much better.’

Now he has been cured he is able to start the resettlement process to go overseas.

(See video interview for more details and also file pics of him before/after operation)

Act for Peace supports Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission (DICAC) in providing access to health services to refugees who have to be moved to Addis Ababa in order to deal with health concerns that cannot be adequately treated in the more rural refugee camps. The support provided includes assistance with medical expenses, emergency transport, supplementary dietary requirements and housing.

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