Ethiopia Urban Refugee Medical Program

Feredawek (Fred) Gettu (35), a Facilitator/Driver on the road in Addis.

Fred has been with DICAC for over 5 years, was born in Addis Ababa and is married to Azeb and has two boys Dagmawi (8) & Barok (4).
(See video interview for more details)

The drivers deliver equipment, pick up prescriptions and transport patients to clinics as well as any other requests the refugees have.

For many refugees DICAC are their only contact and support in Ethiopia on a regular basis and the long term patients build up strong bonds with the drivers and social workers.

Act for Peace supports Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission (DICAC) in providing access to health services to refugees who have to be moved to Addis Ababa in order to deal with health concerns that cannot be adequately treated in the more rural refugee camps. The support provided includes assistance with medical expenses, emergency transport, supplementary dietary requirements and housing.

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