Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Najwa (27) comforts her son Yousif (1).

Like many households, Najwa lost her husband in the fighting in Syria and fled her home town of Daara in southern Syria after their house was destroyed.

She now lives with relatives and three other families who have also lost their husbands totalling 17 people, mostly youngsters, in this single room in East Amman, which only has one light, no heating, carpets or running water. They live together out of economic necessity and safety

(Full Video interview and transcript available. A4Pint_ZanibAbdou130508)

The Syrian conflict, which started in March 2011, has led to hundreds of thousands of Syrians fleeing their country. The situation escalated in 2013 with over 2,000 people a day crossing the border into Jordan adding to the already 430,000 who have sought shelter there. The main refugee camp of Zaatari already hosts over 90,000 people whilst the vast majority of refugees have settled within the host communities of Jordan.

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